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Product Strategy

Product strategies that increase profits.

new product or service design and implementation

We work with our clients to identify and size new markets for their content, technologies, or audiences. We then work with engineering, product, sales and marketing teams to empirically test the strategy using lean methodologies.

repositioning existing offerings

We help companies with mature, high-volume digital products including content websites, mobile applications, desktop applications, or Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings to reposition their products or extend them to new markets


Optimizing existing revenue streams and enabling new ones

increasing conversion rates

We apply our understanding of online consumer behavior to develop higher-performing sign-up, subscription, and payment flows. We implement changes to key gateway pages, improving sign-up rates and profitability.

creating or optimizing advertising revenues

This includes advertising setup and testing work like:

  • new ad units: we identify and implement the optimal display, text, and performance-based advertising into their Apps and content
  • product repackaging: we work with clients to optimize the pricing and feature set of their SaaS, subscription product, or paid App
  • higher-revenue ad networks: we leverage our deep relationships with ad networks to increase our clients' yield and improve ad quality
  • monetizing audience data: we work with leading Data Management Platforms and Data Exchanges to use our client's data to help advertisers better target campaigns
  • generating revenue from performance marketing:creating or optimizing performance-based marketing programs

how we work

We work with client leadership to understand, clarify, and agree on priorities for the engagement. We then work with our client's marketing, product, and sales teams to evaluate their strategic resources including intellectual property, audience, and content. We then identify consumer, enterprise, or advertiser needs that could be met by using those assets.

We will then identify potential revenues and costs associated with each change and recommend changes to the client's product mix. We then work with the engineering, design, and business teams to test and execute the strategy.

our results

Our firm increases profitability and improves the user experience. Clients are provided with accurate, predictable metrics that tie user behavior to revenue and profit, allowing them to continue to innovate, test, and launch new ideas.

We anticipate, identify and address our clients' specific needs while looking for smart applications of our management and technology consulting solutions in the future.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you become more profitable.