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accurate, relevant metrics

We assist publishers, merchants, and developers in accurately tracking and reporting user behavior. We work with your engineering and finance teams to report accurate, actionable metrics that link user behavior with revenue.

product and revenue strategy

We build on deep technical, design, and business expertise to craft or reshape your application or web site into a more compelling, more profitable property that connects with your customers. <More>

higher profits through optimization

We lead your staff to optimize ad placements and sign-up flows. We develop new partnerships with ad networks and traffic sources. We innovate and test our ideas, and work with our clients to deploy them and measure success. <More>

Our Capabilities

Increasing profits of high growth or high volume digital businesses.

Everbird brings deep insight and domain knowledge in product strategy, usage measurement, optimization and revenue generation. We help our clients generate higher reach, engagement, and revenue from their content, App, or Software as a Service (SaaS).

Our approach combines domain expertise with strong capabilities in strategy, design, online commerce, digital advertising and business operations.

Our capabilities include:

  • measurement: generating accurate, timely, actionable reports that tie revenue to user behavior
  • analysis: the ability to understand user needs and behavior and map them to revenue opportunities
  • product design: creating products that exploit those opportunities and build sustainable value for our clients and their customers
  • relationships: we leverage our relationships with advertising networks, affiliate platforms, data management platforms, and analytical tool providers to quickly test and launch new, profitable programs for our clients

Contact us today to find out how we can help you become more profitable.

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